About CIQA at SODL

School of Open and Distance Learning D Y Patil University established Central Internal Quality Assurance Cell Keeping in view the enormous growth of the University; multifarious activities performed by the University; directive of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and University Grants Commission; the Centre has been established with the primary focus to shoulder the responsibilities of generating and promoting awareness for quality assurance and to work out the procedural details. The CIQA shall directly report to the Vice Chancellor D Y Patil University.

CIQA cell of SODL channelizes and systematizes the efforts and measures of an institution towards academic excellence. CIQA is working towards improving and maintaining the quality of education, identifying and suggesting new ways of using teaching aids, developing suitable infrastructure and offering suggestions for Curriculum revision and enhancement, etc.


  • The CIQA will collect the Programme Project Report (PPR) for each programme and vet it for quality
  • It will get the PPRs approved by all the all the statutory bodies of DYPU SODL
  • The CIQA will ensure the implementation of all the policies pertaining to distance education of DYPU SODL
  • It will generate reports on various activities of ODL and make them available to the authorities of the University
  • It will ensure production of quality Self Learning Material (SLM) for each programme and look for the adoption of the guidelines of the UGC in the preparation of Self Learning Material (SLM)
  • The CIQA will ensure the implementation of the UGC guidelines in every aspect of the functioning of DYPU SODL


  • To identify potential students who are looking for to continue their education through distance learning mode.
  • To reach maximum potential students through effective marketing tools.
  • Identifying effective tools to make student understand the importance of LMS in distance education.
  • To simplify registration and enrolment process to make admission process hassle free for potential students.
  • To create system of financial assistance through easy EMI and hassle-free loans availability for economically weak students.
  • To create a round the clock system for assisting students via emails, chats and direct contact with concerned faculties.
  • To create a competitive yet manageable examination system to encourage innovative & creative thinking in students.
  • Impart quality education through easy platform to masses at affordable cost.
  • To impart skills to improve the employability quotient in country.


  • The CIQA at DYPU SODL would meet periodically to review the ongoing activities of the Distance Education
  • To monitor the preparation of Programme Project Report and ensure that the guidelines of the UGC are strictly adhered to
  • To oversee the preparation of Self Learning Material (SLM) and suggest effective corrective measures wherever required
  • To follow up the effectiveness of Personal Contact Programmes in terms of its reach, coverage and participation by the students
  • To engage constantly with the UGC and MHRD and understand the implications of their guidelines
  • To be in touch with the other institutions offering ODL and familiarize with the best practices followed elsewhere
  • To encourage research on distance education and encourage the Faculty of DYPU SODL to go for publications and participate in seminars and conferences
  • To prepare reports on the progress of ODL periodically and maintain key data on ODL activities in DYPU SODL
  • To ensure that the learning is maximised through learnercentric approaches


Name Designation
Dr. Vandana Mishra Chairperson
Ms. Bhakti Naik Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Naeem Pathan Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Arnab Mondal Co-ordinator
Mr Collin John Student Member
Mr. Sajish Deshmukh Student Member
Ms. Shailaja Poojary Student Member
Mr. Sujith Gopinath Member from Industry
Mr. Sujith Gopinath Member from Industry
Mr. Kishor Thapar Member from Industry
Mr. Amit Chawla Member from Industry
Ms. Suprabha Raorane Local Nominee
Mr. Manoj Diwedi Employer member (Johnson and Johnson Company)
Mr. Guha Employer member (Times of India)
Mr. Anuj Mishra Employer member (Tunga Hotel Group)
Mr Arpit Verma Employer member (Zen Live Media Pvt. Ltd.)


Name of Faculty Program Status Total Experience Pay Scale
Mr. Swapnil Salvi BSc. Hospitality Studies Full-time Faculty 21 years Industry and 5 years teaching As per UGC DEB guidelines
Mr. Milind Kilpadi Bachelor of Business Administration Full-time Faculty 7 years Industry and 5 years teaching As per UGC DEB guidelines
Mrs. Aarti Pandirkar Bachelor of Business Administration Full-time Faculty 9 years of Industry and 4 years Teaching As per UGC DEB guidelines
Mr. Kishor Mhaske BSc. Hospitality Studies/ Bachelor of Business Administration Full-time Faculty 20 years Industry and years Teaching As per UGC DEB guidelines
Mrs. Priya Padave BSc. Hospitality Studies/ Bachelor of Business Administration Full-time Faculty 2 years Industry and 14 years teaching As per UGC DEB guidelines

Non-Teaching Staff

Name of Staff Department Type
Mr. Mohan Bhosale Administration Full-time
Ms. Neha Sharma Administration Full-time
Mrs. Manisha Kale Librarian Full-time
Mr. Pratik Patil Technical Staff Full-time
Mr. Sadakatulla Noor Mohammad Technical Staff Full-time
Mrs. Bhakti Naik Program Co-ordinator Full-time
Mr. Naeem Pathan Program Co-ordinator Full-time

Our Vision

Creation and establishment of versatile and competent Open & Distance Learning system to cater to the educational aspirations of the society across Maharashtra and beyond.

Our Mission

  • To deliver affordable and accessible quality education for augmenting the academic value and skills of higher education aspirants.
  • To set benchmark for quality distance education. Provide facility for lifelong education to intending learners.
  • Strive for up gradation of technology without compromising the basic values of the society.

Goals & Objectives

The Centre for Internal Quality Assurance has been created as a part of quality control measures enshrined in ODL Regulations, 2017. There are several exercises in the field of distance education which require a separate set of quality parameters which may vary from the on-campus programmes for which the IQAC is the nodal agency. The activities in ODL include highly flexible delivery systems and need primarily to be learner-centric. The formation of CIQA will ensure the adoption of qualitative distance education right through all the processes. The ODL programmes envisaged in DYPU SODL would be a dynamic model aimed at creating a broad-based, technology- assisted and a leaner-oriented model. Some of the features are:

  • To render quality service to the ODL learners
  • To constantly revisit the system based on experience and keep the ODL activities dynamic
  • To maintain quality in all the key area of ODL operations
  • All the Quality Assurance efforts will be made public and shared among all the stake holders
  • To keep in place an effective feed-back system
  • CIQA will be the nodal body to coordinate the inter functionality among all the departments
  • To provide interactive platforms among all players in ODL to exchange views, ideas and innovative practices
  • To ensure quality in the delivery tools form the preparation of Programme Project Report for each programme to evaluation of examination scripts
  • Maintaining accurate records of all the activities in ODL and generate reports of all kinds

Student Enrollment

NAAC Manual

UGC Approval

Student Feedback Form

Industry/Employer Feedback on Curriculum

Learner Support Centre and Examination Centre

D Y Patil University deemed to be
Sector -7, Vidya Nagar,
Navi Mumbai-400706

Please feel free to contact on 8448444827 / distancelearning@dypatil.edu for any assistance.

e - Learning Details

Use following details to login into the e-learning portal

URL : https//:search.proquest.com


PASSWORD : ProQuest1!

Module wise Reading Material Links BBA

First Year

Name of Subject Suggested Reading Material
Organisational Bahaviour-I http://www.economicsdiscussion.net/management/organisational-behaviour/31869
Human Rsources-I http://www.whatishumanresource.com/
Principles of Management-I https://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/management-principles-v1.0/s05-introduction-to-principles-of-.html
Leadership-I https://www.managementstudyguide.com/leadership_basics.htm
Operations Management-I https://www.managementstudyguide.com/leadership_basics.htm
Financial Management-I https://managementhelp.org/businessfinance/index.htm

Second Year

Name of Subject Suggested Reading Material
Organisational Bahaviour-II http://www.economicsdiscussion.net/management/organisational-behaviour/31869
Human Rsources-II https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311975.2016.1212682
Principles of Management-II https://www.askspoke.com/blog/knowledge-management/knowledge-management-importance/
Leadership-II https://www.forbes.com/sites/deloitte/2020/01/21/why-doing-good-is-good-for-business/#6c53931b6b29
Operations Management-II https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jie/2013/790291/
Financial Management-II https://managementhelp.org/businessfinance/index.htm

Third Year

Name of Subject Suggested Reading Material
Organisational Bahaviour-III https://acuvate.com/blog/creating-driving-culture-innovation-workplace/
Human Rsources-III https://www.adeccousa.com/employers/resources/motivating-employees-in-the-workplace/
Principles of Management-III https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wm-principlesofmanagement/chapter/communication-in-the-management-function/
Leadership-III https://www.managementstudyguide.com/delegation_of_authority.htm
Operations Management-III https://www.pulselearning.com/blog/6-steps-effective-organizational-change-management/
Financial Management-III https://www.businessmanagementideas.com/management/functions/quantitative-techniques-in-decision-making-management/10037

Self Learning Material

School of Open & Distance Learning, D Y Patil University was incorporated in the year 2018.

In distance education, we use learning materials in various forms – print, audio, video, multimedia, web, etc. The use of various teaching medium, is an integral part of the ODL system. These mediums are used both as carriers of educational information and as instruments to bridge the distance between the teacher and the learner. The learners pursue their studies independently with minimum external support. Our Self-learning materials are designed and developed keeping this requirement of the distance learners in mind.

In order to develop our Self Learning Material we gathered a team of External & Internal Industry experts who were specialists in their area of work. Our External experts were picked from the Industry so that they can contribute in enlightening on the latest trends & technology currently being used in the Industry. And the Internal team comprised of our most senior most faculties who would provide the academic aspect to the process.

This team of experts had several brain storming sessions to arrive at the right approach of developing the Self Learning Material which was to be a very important tool for the students in their learning process. The main aim of these sessions was to focus on all the mandatory requirements of the syllabus and then to add on to the new methods & technologies that are current trends in the Industry. References were taken from a lot of Text Books & Articles, E - Journals, related to the subject & views/suggestions of industry experts were taken into consideration for latest trends & technologies. Accordingly a syllabus was mapped & this was again reviewed by an Academic Council before putting into effect.

This Material was composed & finalised in Oct 2018 & was put into effect for the first batch of ODL which started in Jan 2019.Since it has only been 2 years since we have incorporated this there have been no changes made yet. Moving forward, minor changes will be done every year & major changes to the Syllabi will be done after every 3 years.

Please find below list of Faculties & Industry Experts who have been a part of the team who has developed the Self Learning Material:

Academic Faculty

Name of Faculty
Chef Swapnil Salvi
Chef Priya Padave
Mr Kishore Mashke
Mrs Aarti Pandirkar
Mr milind kipaldi

Hospitality and business management industry experts

Name Designation Industry
Mr.Sujith Gopinath General Manager The Fern,Mumbai
Mr.Vinayak Kamble H R manager Four Points by Sheraton,Mumbai
Ms.Soni Kamthan Training Manager ITC Fortune, Navi Mumbai
Chef Ashok Excutive Chef ITC Fortune, Navi Mumbai
Ms.Promila Training Manager Radisson,Alibaugh
Ms.Bhavna Bhingarde H R Manager Beverley Park Hotel
Chef Altamash Exceutive Chef The Park,Mumbai
Chef Dharmesh Katira Corporate Chef Theobroma
Chef David Canazi Italian Cuisine Specialist -
Mr.Ajit EHK IBIS Hotel
Mrs.Anita Rajan EHK Country Inn & Suites
Mr.Kingsley EHK Four points by Sheraton
Mr.Favio FBM Royal Tulip Hotel
Mr.Sanjay Sharma FBM IBIS Hotel
Mr.Alok Kumar FOM Country Inn & suites
Mr.Partha FOM Fariyas ,Lonavala
Mr.Nitin FOM Ramada, Powai
Mr.Pratap FOM Four Points by Sheratons

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