Examination & Evaluation


The University follows a semester pattern of examination for both the graduate and master`s degree programs. Under this, exams are conducted at the end of each semester. For each subject, the break-up of marks will be as follows :

  • The Evaluation System at DY Patil University Online is highly transparent and aimed at bringing out the best performance of students.
  • The weightage of term-end Semester Examination (TESE) and Internal Assessment Evaluation (IAE) is 70% and 30% respectively.
  • The condition for qualifying separately in IAE is waived off.
  • Passing Criteria for term-end SEMESTERS / ANNUAL EXAMS
    • Continuous Evaluation Marks - No minimum marks pass criteria are applicable for continuous evaluation marks.
    • Online term-end Term Examination - Minimum 35% marks are required to pass.
    • Students have to secure a minimum of 35% to pass a particular subject.

TOTAL Assignments term-end Examination
100 30 70

Each subject includes a set of assignments that are based on separate units in each subject. The students have to compulsorily submit all the assignments to secure these marks. The total weightage of these assignments is 30 marks.

The university also conducts a term-end examination which carries a weightage of 70 marks.

The term-end examination comprises of Multiple Choice Questions.


Evaluation of student performance in each program unit has two components :

  1. internal continuous assessment (program work) and
  2. Evaluation of the assignments will be out of 30 marks
  3. Passing marks in assignments out of 30 will be 12 marks
  4. The term-end examinations which are held at the end of the Semester will be out of 70 marks
  5. Passing marks in the semester-end examination out of 70 will be 28 marks.
  6. Overall out of 100 marks a student needs to score 35 marks to pass.

The level of student academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and end semester examination is reflected by letter grades on a ten-point scale according to the connotations given below :

Grade Qualitative Value Grade Points Marks
A++ Outstanding 10 96-100
A+ Excellent 9 86-95
A Very Good 8 76-85
B Good 7 66-75
C Above Average 6 56-65
D Average 5 46-55
E Satisfactory 4 35-45
F Fail 3 0-34

Program credit units are integer numbers indicating the weightage assigned to a program unit, project. Research work, summer internship, etc. based on contact hours per week on all learning activities.

Minimum Academic Requirements :

  • The student must score a minimum Grade 'E' in each program unit.
  • The minimum passing SGPA for each semester is 4.0 for Under Graduate Programs and 4.0 for Post Graduate