About BBA in Marketing Management

An online BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course in Marketing Management focuses on the principles, strategies, and techniques involved in effectively promoting and selling products or services to target customers. DY Patil online BBA course in Marketing Management provides students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts, consumer behaviour, market research, online advertising, digital branding, digital marketing, sales management and strategic marketing planning. This Undergraduate University course aims to develop students knowledge and skills in identifying customer needs, implementing marketing campaigns and creating marketing strategies.

Because humans have a significant effect on marketing and their reactions play a crucial role in shaping marketing strategies and outcomes. Human behaviour and psychology influence consumer decision-making processes. Factors such as perception, attitudes, motivations, needs, and social influences impact how individuals perceive and respond to marketing stimuli. Humans often make purchasing decisions based on emotions rather than solely on rational factors. Effective marketing campaigns evoke emotions such as happiness, excitement, desire, or even fear to create a connection between the consumer and the product or brand. And emotional engagement can influence consumer loyalty, brand perception, and purchasing behaviour. Marketers study consumer behaviour to understand their preferences, buying habits, and decision-making processes to develop effective marketing strategies.

DYPU specialized online BBA marketing courses include core business courses such as accounting, finance, management, business law, economics, and information systems. And course provides a well-rounded business education and a broader understanding of the organizational context in which marketing activities take place. This is Three Years degree program and the course covers various marketing strategies and techniques used to reach target customers. These may include market segmentation, product development, pricing strategies, distribution channel management, branding and positioning, integrated marketing communications, digital marketing, social media marketing, and marketing analytics. Graduates of online BBA programs in Marketing Management can pursue various career opportunities in marketing, advertising, sales, and related fields. They may find employment as marketing coordinators, market researchers, brand managers, advertising executives, digital marketing specialists, sales representatives, or marketing consultants in industries such as consumer goods, retail, e-commerce, advertising agencies, market research firms, and more.

Program Outcomes

BBA in Marketing Management is a branch of management that deals with the concepts of business management. It acquaints the students with marketing theories and principles to prepare them for the industry. This program is divided into six semesters. The first four semesters cover subjects common to all programs in BBA. The last two semesters of this program focus solely on marketing as a specialization. The field of marketing is quite diverse as it applies universally to every industry.


The three-year graduate degree program, BBA in Marketing Management is spread across 3 years and includes 5 subjects in each semester. The detailed program structure is as follows :

Sr No Subject
1 Principles of Management - I
2 Principles of Micro Economics
3 Business Accounting - I
4 Business Communication
5 Computer Fundamentals
Sr No Subject
1 Organizational Behavior
2 Principles of Macro Economics
3 Basic Accounts - II
4 Management Information System
5 International Business
Sr No Subject
1 Human Resource Management
2 Marketing Management
3 Legal Aspects of Business
4 Cost and Management Accounting
5 Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills
Sr No Subject
1 Entrepreneurship Development
2 Leader Skills and Managerial Effectiveness
3 Project Management
4 Small Business Management
5 Digital Marketing & E - Commerce
Sr No Subject
1 Total Quality Management
2 Consumer Behavior
3 Retail Management
4 Rural Marketing
5 Distribution & Salesmanship
Sr No Subject
1 Customer Management
2 Advertising & Branding
3 International Marketing
4 Services Marketing
5 Visual Merchandising

Duration: 3 years


For Indian students:

The University welcomes applications from all the aspirants who have completed following criteria :

  1. 40 %+ in 10th from Recognized Board / SSC is Mandatory (As per the existing policy of University)
  2. Either 40 %+ in 12th /  HSC / Recognized Board OR Overall 50 %+ in 3 Years of Polytechnic Diploma from recognized Board
  • 10th (SSC) Statement of Marks
  • 12th (HSC) Statement of Marks
  • Photo ID Proof (PAN card / Passport / Driving License / Election Card )
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph (not more than 3 months old)
  • Self Declaration on Rs. 100 stamp paper
For International Students:

Program Fee

Full Fee Payment
Particulars Indian Student International Student
Admission Processing Fee 1,100/- 2,000/-
Full Fee to be paid 1,11,000/- 2,19,000/-

Payment on a yearly basis ( 3 instalments )
Admission Processing Fee 1,100/- 2,000/-
Program duration (years) 3 3
Program fee per year 37,000/- 73,000/-

Payment on a semester basis ( 6 instalments )
Admission Processing Fee 1,100/- 2,000/-
Program semesters 6 6
Program fee per semester 18,500/- 36,500/-

*Inclusive of Exam Fees for First Attempt; Re-appear Exam Fees Rs. 300/Subject

Finance Based EMI Option
Program BBA
Student Down Payment 9,036
EMI Tenure 15
Student EMI 6,673/-
Student Applicable Fee 1,09,131/-

*Only For Indian Students

  • The Facility for EMI based Finance Option is offered by Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC)
  •  By Applying to above Finance led EMI based Fees Plan, the students undertakes that he / she is applying for a Loan from the Non-Banking Finance Company
  • The Loan is subject to Finance based Eligibility Criteria of the NBFC Partner of the University
  •  University has no role to play in the finance option as this is only a facility for students extended by the University
  •  By selecting Loan Facility Student Undertakes to abide by all the norms of NBFC towards the Loan Facility extended
  •  Admission is subject to eligibility norms of the university

Benefits & Advantages

Excellent Career Opportunities

Convenience and Flexibility

Live Classroom and Webinar Session Through University Virtual Learning Environment.

Study at Your Own Schedule

Apply the Theoretical Knowledge from Your Program

Continuous Monitoring and Mentoring

No Disruption to Your Professional Life

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